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Lohaghat on the banks of Lohawati River in Champawat district is one of the important places for its beautiful temples. Located at an altitude of 1706 mts, Lohaghat is a few kilometers from Pithoragarh. This ancient town of Lohaghat has immense historical and mythological importance which attracts a number of tourists. Mostly devotees and pilgrims from all over drop into Lohaghat before visiting Advaita Ashram which is also called the Mayawati Ashram. A sleepy little town of Uttaranchal it shot to fame because of the beautiful temples and fascinating locales nearby.

Lohaghar is close several tourist spots in the region, Shyamla Taal, Devidhura, Gurudwara Ritha Sahib, Abbot Mount (8 km), Varansur fort (Vanasur-Ka-Kila) (7 km), Mayawati Ashram (Advaita Ashrama) (9 km), Galchaura, Suin(Pawa), and the Forti viilage.

It is famous for Bagwal fight carnival which takes place at Devidhura (In Maa Baarahi temple) on auspicious day of Raksha bandhan day.Devidhura is 45 km.away from Lohaghat.[2] Nearby Ritha-sahib is famous for Sikh gurudwara and sweet Rithas that are unique in world and Pancheshwar is famous for river-rafting and adventurous sports. 20 km far from Lohaghat, there is scenic tourist spot called Pati.

Mayawati Ashram :-
Located at a distance of 9 km from Lohaghat this is famous for the Advaita Ashram which attracts pilgrims and tourists from all over the world.
Advaita ashram mayavati is not only a tourist place but it also a Holy place for Bengalies in summer season. Most Bengalies came here to know abaout the mission of SWAMI VIVEKANAND. There is a huge library with literature available about SWAMI VIVEKANAND. There is also a mission hospital.

Abbot Mount :-
Situated at a distance of 7 km from Lohaghat this is one of the most serene locales near Lohaghat. Spend a few moments amidst serenity in Abbot Mount.

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