Unexplored Uttarakhand | Champawat

Champawat, the ancient capital of the Katyuri and Chand Rajas, is an idyllic resort located in the lush Champa Valley of Kumaon. Situated at a height of 1615mtrs. It was at Champawat the Lord Vishnu is said to have appeared in his tortoise incarnation (Kurmavatar), hence Kumaon came to be known as Kurmanchal. Kumaon is also the legendary domain of Lord Shiva.

While the ruins of the fort and temples speak of the historical and religious importance of Champawat's past, the scenic beauty of the place is still abundant, & enjoyable.

Champawat has a wide variety of fauna and flora as almost 65 per cent of the district is covered with fauna and flora. Teak, Babool, Eucalyptus, Sagon Bail and Jamun are some of the important trees found in the district.

The important attractions are Baleshwar temple and Nagnath temple which displays fine architectural excellence. Another popular attraction of Champawat is Ek Hathiya Ka Naula; which is 4-5 kms from Champawat.

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