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This beautiful hill station is situated between the Garhwal and Kumau Commissionary. 30 kms away from Kaushani at 6000 feet above sea level this place is still quite untouched in its natural beauty. The silent deodar forest and natural streams and lakes have never failed to enchant tourists. As one looks up, one sees the snow-capped peaks. The valley which stretches for miles has the river Pindari flowing through it. This small hamlet with its far spreading fields is one of nature's paradise.

Gwaldam is a hill station perched at an altitude of 1,875mts above sea level in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand state. It lies on the route which connects Garhwal region with Kumaon. The famous Nanda Devi Raj Jat Yatra goes through Gwaldam. Trek to the mysterious Roopkund Lake is the most renowned trekking excursion of Gwaldam. The beauty of Gwaldam is still quite untouched and less known.

Gwaldam is surrounded by pine forests and looks down upon the valley which stretches for miles and the Pindar River flowing through it. Gwaldam offers the splendid vies of the great Himalayan range. Nanda Devi Peak (7,817) and Trishul (7,120) can be best seen from Gwaldam.

The world famous trekking tourists spot, Roopkund at 4778 mts is the first stop of Gwaldam. Roopkund is 60 kms from Gwaldam. A road upto Mundauli has been made which makes Roopkund just 24 kms away by walk.

This lake is in the midst of the town. The snow capped peaks throw their reflections in its water which appear very beautiful. In front of the town in the north one sees Nandaghunti (6309 mts), Nanda Devi (7817 mts), Trisul (7120 mts) and Chaukhamba (7838 mts) peaks. From dawn to dusk one can see various colours spreading on these peaks. The view from Alpine land, the Brahmatal area, the Navali gardens resort to the Katyur Kaushani valley is filled with many vivid scenes.

6 kms from Gwaldam on a high mountain is this historical place which is 2260 mts above sea level. The kings of yester-years lived here. The remains of the forts of those days still lie here.

3 kms from Gwaldam in a dense forest Gwalnaag located on the Dhalua meadow. The slopes here are ideal for skiing. The mountain ranges visible from here run from Nepal to Chaukhamba. 2 kms further from here, the Garud Valley looks like a diamond studded bowl from Ghankark.

Another spot ideal for trekking is 4 kms away called Latatoli. Adventurous local youth have found new trekking routes from here to the Pindari Glacier.

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