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Dokrani Glacier 

Dokrani Glacier, Uttaranchal TravelsDokriani Bamak (Bamak is the local name of the glaciers) is another well developed medium-sized glacier of the Bhagirathi basin. The glacier is formed by two cirques, originating at the northern slope of Draupadi-ka-Danda and Jaonli peak, 5600m and 6000m respectively. The glacier is 5 km. long and flows in the northwest direction terminating at an elevation of 3800m. The stream originating from the glacier's melted water is called Dingad which later joins many other snow / ice melted streams and finally merges into Bhagirathi river near Bukki village. There are several well- developed meadows and Proglacial lakes located 2kms. below the snout of the glacier. These meadows, lakes and other formations themselves tell us the past history and behavior of the glacier and also provide good camping sites.The glacier is easily approachable from Uttarkashi. Nearly 56kms. from Uttarkashi on the road to Gangotri, Bukki village is 2kms. from the bus terminus situated on the right bank of Bhagirathi river. On way to Dokriani glacier, one has to walk 23kms. from the road (Bukki village). After crossing the Bhagirathi river a footpath flows along the steep mountain slopes up to Tela camp (2500m). from tela to Gujjar hut a 12km. run along the Dingad stream is a route offered to cross the several up and down ridges, many small and big streams and dense mixed forests of Deodar, Rhododendron, Oak, Pine etc. provide an atmosphere of perfect peace and tranquility. overwhelmed by such heart-touching beauty one crosses the way without difficulties. Gujjar Hut ( a summer camp of Gujjars with their buffaloes) is located at a height of 3500m., just 5kms. below the Dokriani glacier. Gujjar Hut is the gateway of the valley. The valley has a gentle slope with different land features formed by the glacier and surrounded by snow-covered peaks. This place is good for camping and one can walk up to the glacier and adjoining areas and climb the small peaks. Only Gujjar huts and a base camp ( near the glacier snout ) of Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology, Dehradun lie on the way. One visiting the area has to make his own arrangement for food, tents and light warm clothes. The best season to visit is throughout summer and autumn . Besides the above two glaciers, Kedar, Rudugaira and Jaonli are some other glaciers which are approachable by the same way 

• Bukki to Dokriani Glacier 23kms. 
• Bukki to Bukki village 2kms. 
• Bukki to kheratal 17kms. 
• Kheratal to Dokriani Glacier 5kms 
• Bukki to Uttarkashi 34kms 
• Uttarkashi to Rishikesh 149kms 

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