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Bunder Punch Glacier adventure enthusiasts

Bandar Punch Glacier, Uttaranchal TravelBandarpunch is an important glacier of Yamuna river basin . The glacier is 12kms. long situated on the northern slopes of Bandarpunch peak(6316m) Bandarpunch west (6102m), and Khatling peak (6387m). the glacier is formed by three cirque glacier and later join the Yamuna river.The glacier lies on a gentle slope and is bounded by lateral moraines, which indicate the last surface level of the glacier.

The glacier can be approached from Dehradun to Sankri-Saur by bus and from Sankri-Saur to Taluka, 11kms. by jeep or light vehicle, then Osla, 14kms. From Osla Ruinsiara Tal, located just below the glacier snout, is the best camping site. From Ruinsiara one can visit the glacier and surrounding

• Taluka to Bandarpunch 23kms 
• Taluka to Seema /Osla 14kms 
• Seema to Bandarpunch 15kms 
• Taluka to Mussoorie 171kms  
• Mussoorie to Dehradun 36kms 

By Road : Dehradun to Taluka 207kms 

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